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Benjamin 21 months

I don't count in months anymore. When someone asks me how old Ben is I say his birthday is in January and he turns 2 then. But for the sake of keeping a record of our Benji, he is 21 months this month. I wanted to write a little about him because he is growing so fast and changing all the time. It is easier to keep track of when they are less than 1 because they have their milestones, but then it becomes a little foggy after the 18 month appt.

So a little about Ben right now:

Ben is saying a lot of words finally. He says cookie, monkey, book, shoe, food, eat water, cup, seat, apple, dog, cars, feet, bubbles and more that I can't remember right now. He is saying new words every day and I am amazed at how fast he learns. He loves to read and will always request you to read him a book if he sees one.

Ben is ACTIVE. I don't think I've ever seen a kid run around so much. When he isn't napping he is constantly on the move. He never sits longer than a second. As much as w…

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