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Halloween and fall leaves

The leaves are mostly gone now. Normally I would be sad for winter to come, but I like Oregon winters. They are still cold, but the air is clean and crisp and the mornings are foggy.  But while the leaves were here it was beautiful! Halloween weekend we walked around Ashland's Lithia Park where they have the monster dash. It was so warm we took off our jackets. Ben loved watching the costumes. Next year we will make it a priority. Then on Monday was pumpkin carving, and Tuesday Halloween. We went with some friends from Jacksonville, but Ben didn't really know their kids so he got left behind a little. And we felt a little left out for not knowing everyone. So next year we will probably stay around our neighborhood especially since it is growing with a lot of new houses with families. But we still got plenty of candy.
las hojas ya casi se cayeron todas. Normalemente Amy estaria triste que se acaba el invierno, pero los inviernos en Oregon no estan tan mal. Estan frios pero el a…

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