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Christmas and New Years

Jamir's brother got married the Tuesday before Christmas, so Jamir took off the entire week so we could go to Utah and see his siblings and then spend some time in Elko before we headed home. It was a fun trip. It felt long after a while from being away and Ben does not travel well. We were busy doing fun things, but he missed his nap most days and could not relax (cousin playing time) enough to sleep well. So he was grumpy a lot. But it was fun to see Utah again and family.
We went to Elko for short stop Saturday night and then Sunday headed out to go to church with Jamir's brother. We had a Christmas exchange that night with dinner. Monday we took pictures, saw Coco and drove around campus. Tuesday was the wedding and reception. Wednesday we met Mom and Dad to do a session in the new Provo Temple, eat BBQ and then Jamir and I headed to see Newsies. Thursday Cam and Janessa joined us after Kneaders for the dinosaur museum, Harry Potter, Spaghetti Factory, and lights at templ…

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