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Ben meets Abuelos

Ben and I spent a week in Hermosillo, Mexico so Ben could meet his grandparents. Sarah, Kenia and Miranda (future wife to Jair) came too. We went to Kino beach and stayed in a really nice house on the beach for three days and then returned to Hermosillo for Miranda's bridal shower and church. It was fun to reminis with Sarah and get to know Miranda a little better. We of course ate at all the favorite places; tacos, gorditas, enchiladas, and I tried a chimichanga for the first time (it was eh okay). Jamirs dad was good to take Ben during the bridal shower to get ice cream and the park. Ben wasn't too friendly to his grandparents, which was a shame, but it's just his clingy age right now. Unfortunately that put more work on me so I was happy to return and let Jamir take over (and eat some American food). I'm happy we got to go, but also glad our trips are done for the summer. 

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