Halloween, Birthday, Grandparents visit and forgotten pictures

I have gotten a little behind with our pictures. I had to collect them all from various sources, and found some old ones from Jamir's phone. So there are a lot of pictures. 

from Sept. We went to a Mexican folk dance in the park.

Ben loving his chocolate pudding

Rock climbing at Emigrant lake. 

last time someone jumped off the cliff into the water. Now it was so low it would kill you.

random messy dinner

taking pictures in Ashland for a senior

high school soccer game

pretty leaves after a stake conference

we went to Coos bay to shoot a wedding. Pizza and BYU game before the big day.

the humidity makes his hair curl :)

swinging for the first time.

clipping chicken wings

kids store in Ashland


front yard. We dont have a tree that makes these leaves, but one day a bunch blew in and they were so pretty

grabbing the wind

little toad

carving pumpkins

he liked it!

there is a piece of cake missing because we basically couldn't wait to eat it. It's good. Jamir's bday.

bday dinner at Rosarios
foggy mornings

Ashland with grandparents. I forgot a hat for Ben and it had to rain of course

the leaves were so vibrant

black bird. It's a store with everything. I even found Lucky.

iconic statue outside

second round of cake with grandparents

corn maze

goodbye chickens. I liked the eggs, but they ruined the yard! They are going to a better (colder) place.
goodbye grandparents
checking out what they brought us
loves to choke on apples

Dia de los muertos bread

watching the book of life (a day of the dead tradition)
Harry Potter pictures. I didn't get what I wanted...it's really hard to keep a hat on a 10 month old. But it's okay.

court of honor...anyone recognize the fire?

Jamir got a ukele for his birthday. Perfect size for Ben. He actually loves to bang on it.

walker from grandparents. He's gotten quite good at it now.

Ben doesn't look super cute here :), but I love how he is holding Manolo's hand.

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