10 months

I'm behind because Ben actually turned 10 months while we were in Seaside. But I was sure to take some photos while we were there and some before we left.

Ben is such a happy boy! And energetic! He makes a monkey face when he is concentrating on looking at something. It's so funny. And he understands me now. At least I think he does. He will come to be and give me a big hug. He loves to put his cheek against mine and make a cooing noise. He loves to crawl arounds and explore, but still loves to snuggle and read a book (we actually can make it through books now). He has  funny crawl that everyone comments on. He doesn't use his knees, so it's sort of a tarzan/spiderman/plank crawl. But it seems efficient. He loves balls and animals. He is not afraid to go right up to dogs and pat them (something he does with Manolo).

He walks around with his walker and eats off the tray himself. He has stood for about 5 seconds. He will watch some movies if they have music and animals or babies. He is still very social and smiley around others, usually waving at strangers or smiling. He really is a great kid.

how he prefers to be...rolling around

or chewing on something

his actual 10 months...monkey face

he found the sand fascinating. He wanted to stay and play, but everyone was cold. (better monkey face pic)

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