King Benjamin and his tent

Jamir took Ben to the preisthood session and I planted some flowers...which Ben took all the petals from the poppy once he got home.
We wanted to camp for General Conference, but the weather was so nice in Eagle Point, we thought it would be best to enjoy it at home in our backyard. I got sunburned from being outside all day. Jamir pitched the tent and I grilled some chicken skewers. Unfortunately, our internet has been spotty the last few weeks, so we ended up listening to conference on the radio. It worked out anyway though since we were outside.

snuggles Saturday morning

We found a kid's harness on craigslist. Ben to the rescue!

Manolo loved the tent too.


bike ride between sessions

park time

fell asleep right as we pulled in

Jamir still doesn't like Manolo...even though Manolo is so nice to him

picure by my flowers..see the petals gone from the poppy? :(

I gave Ben a haircut last night. I kind of miss his curls, but it's nice to have it looking clean

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