Illinois River, Crow foot falls, and visitors for the 4th

We had a long weekend for the 4th. We spent Friday night camping along the Illinois River and Saturday playing. This is my new favorite camping spot. It was perfect! It is right along the river so you can walk down to the water from your site. It is primitive, so you cannot see people camping next to you, but they are close enough that you feel safe. The only downside is you have to walk in to your campsite, which was about 100 meters. I loved it though. The water was beautiful and clear and warm! We walked down Friday night and got up to our waists and it felt good! We watched the bats fly around while we waded in the water. And Saturday we played most of the day in the water. I was so beautiful. It is an annual must.
Then Sunday Phil and Pam came. They unloaded presents from Grandpa and ma. The we camped with them along the Lost Creek Lake. It wasn't as nice since you are right next to other people. Surprisingly Ben did fine considering there were loud, drunk people next to us. Then on Monday we played at Crowfoot Falls, another swimming hole with waterfalls, and fished. Tuesday we rafted and ate at Phil's Frosty for Phil. We said goodbye to Phil and Pam Wednesday morning. Phil was nice and gave Jamir his old fishing pole and a tackle box. It was busy weekend that went by too quick. On to Kentucky!
playing with Manolo on the foam padding

a hobby of mine is collecting free stuff from craigslist. I found this toy thing. I have basically gotten all our furniture for free, and its good stuff too!

I thought these were cool. now what to make ith them?

Ben scared me to death..he sprayed spray paint in his face. He was fine, just scared him
Illinois River Camp
I love these cute boots I found...but I was not thinking(bought his size now) and I don't think they will fit him come fall

helping set up camp

morning through the tent

Morning after Ben cried half the night. He usually does so well

we went down to swim while breakfast cooked

left over frosting and strawberries

Ben held on pretty tight to me

clear water

at "divers hole" the most clear and beautiful water. I loved how I could see everything and it was warm! (oh and there were divers there too)

someone was tired after his late night. He only got sleepy in the water though was a beautiful place

Enjoying our new chairs

on the way to fishing. Ben is mad because I''m taking his picture
 Crowfoot falls. Another really cool place. The water was colder, but it was swimmable. The other side of the rock has a salmon latter. I bruised my shin pretty bad when I went in because the water is pretty strong. It was a fun little hole.

Phil and Pam to left. 

Lost Creek lake beach
always running away

our chaco tan lines

enjoying his popsicle

Manolo and Ben in the garden

off with the diaper. Helping to water the hydrangeas
The finished ottoman. I pretty proud that I had zero help.

another free thing. Thinking of covering with with drop cloth and putting upholstery tacks. Thoughts?

another find. This will go in a different frame in our guest bath..once I get to that

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